The Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP) promotes
independent certification for mental health professionals or educators who
incorporate equine into their therapy or education/coaching practice.

The CBEIP oversees two certifications, the CEIP-MH and the CEIP-ED. The credentials
indicate verification of extensive professional experience and independent
assessment of knowledge for including equine interactions within mental health
(MH) or education/coaching professions (ED).

As an independent certification board, the CBEIP does not represent a method or approach to equine interactions, and does not offer training. The purpose of the Board is to promote the delivery of safe and effective services that incorporate equines by formally recognizing professionals who meet eligibility requirements for either the CEIP-MH or CEIP-ED and pass the examination. The role of the Board also includes establishing and measuring the level of knowledge required for this certification in equine interaction services, and assisting the public and other stakeholders in identifying practitioners who hold these credentials.

2022 Testing Period (MH candidates)
Application Deadline: September 10, 2022 
First Day of Testing: October 22, 2022
Last Day of Testing: November 5, 2022

2022 Testing Period (ED candidates)
Application Deadline: March 30, 2022 June 30, 2022, September 30, 2022
Portfolio Process (see Section)