To maintain the Certified Equine Interaction Professional designation, mental health and education professionals are required to recertify every three years.


Methods of Recertification


  • Through continuing education

  • Through re-taking the exam

Recertification through Continuing Education

In order to recertify through continuing education you must accumulate 40 continuing education units (CEUs) during your certification period. One recertification hour equals one hour of completed education. Your certification period is the three-year period beginning on the date of certification. Note that CEUs in excess of 40 hours will not be carried over into a new certification period.


Documentation of CEUs must include verification of attendance.


CEUs must be completed in the following categories:

  • Receiving direct facilitation training in equine interaction work (10 CEUs minimum)

  • Attending or presenting at an equine interaction conference, workshop, or method training (20 CEUs minimum)

  • Receiving formal training in equine behavior/horsemanship (10 CEUs minimum)


Recertification Checklist



  • CEIP Recertification Application form

  • Signed CBEIP Code of Ethics

  • Documentation verifying your attendance at CEU events

  • Copy of current license or appropriate mental health

       certification to practice (MH)

  • Copy of coaching certification (if applicable) (ED)

  • Recertification fee: $150


Submit your recertification documents

by mail to: 


Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals

c/o Libby Smith

710 West Whipple Rd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001


The CBEIP does not endorse any specific instructor, school, or commercial entities, nor does it make any representation, warranty or guarantee as to any participant's satisfaction with any of the included events. CBEIP expressly disclaims liability for damages of any kind arising from participation.



Recertification through Examination


To recertify by re-examination, submit the CEIP application packet, pay all fees, and arrange to take the exam when receiving your Eligibility Notice (as if it is the first time you are seeking certification). Please note that you will not use the recertification packet.


Timing of Recertification


Candidates are to submit recertification applications postmarked on or before December 31 of the third year after initial certification, or the third year after recertification.


CBEIP will send recertification information and application materials to candidates six months prior to the deadline. Candidates must provide current email contact to CBEIP. No recertification materials will be sent via mail.


If you are beginning your recertification application late, or are concerned you might be late, please contact us. Please note that if certification has lapsed you may become certified again by completing the full certification process.


The Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals recognizes that extraordinary circumstances may result in a CEIP's inability to complete the recertification requirements within the designated time period. At such time, the CEIP must submit a written request for an extension stating the nature of their circumstances. Such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and the CEIP will be notified of the decision within 30 days of the receipt of their request. All or part of the appropriate late fee may be assessed.

CEIP Application Form

CBEIP Recertification Document