Certification Benefits


As a Certified Equine Interaction Professional (CEIP) in either mental health, education, or equine interaction, you possess a valuable certification in the field of equine interaction services.

National certification from the CBEIP shows your colleagues and the public that you have voluntarily demonstrated proficiency in the practice of either mental health or learning with horses, and that your qualifications and experience have been verified by an independent board.



National, independent board certification will assist you in obtaining insurance for your equine interaction program. As a CEIP you may use the credential CEIP-MH if you are a mental health practitioner, or CEIP-ED if you are an educator, or learning professional, and CEIP-EIF if you are a  leadership/coach practitioner, as well as the associated CEIP logo.

Market Yourself as a CEIP


You have undergone national examination, years of professional service and many hours of specific equine interaction training. You are good at what you do! Are using your certification to market yourself to potential employers, sources of referrals and clients?

What your CEIP credential means to potential employers and sources of referrals:


  • CEIPs have voluntarily sought independent, national certification, and pursue high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct

  • CEIPs have documented experience and training in providing equine interaction services, which has been independently verified

  • CEIPs have had knowledge assessed through third-party examination

  • CEIPs are held to a Code of Ethics, and strive to be a part of a professional community interested in competency standards for the equine interaction field.

  • CEIPs complete continuing education in pre-determined categories to maintain certification


You can use information on this website to develop an effective way to communicate what your CEIP credential means, whether it is on a website, on a resume or in an interview.

What your CEIP credential means to clients:


  • CEIPs have voluntarily sought independent, national certification to show you their commitment to providing high-quality services

  • CEIPs have conducted over 1000 hours of equine interaction services in order to become certified and have had their knowledge assessed by an independent board. A CEIP is an experienced professional.

  • CEIPs adhere to the CBEIP Code of Ethics and are committed to professionalism in their interactions with you.

  • CEIPs must complete continuing education to maintain their certification, which means that they continue to develop their professional skills and knowledge to serve you better.


Some tips about marketing:


Marketing refers to the action behind the promotion and/or enrollment of services offered, in this case, by a CEIP-MH or CEIP-ED. Marketing includes market research and advertising efforts, as well as a plan.

A good marketing plan will consider everything from choosing, shaping, packaging and presenting business services, to promoting them. This is true even for non-profits. If the non-profit service being offered is not perceived as “valuable” and provides a need, there will be little interest from the marketplace to use the service regardless of how noble the idea.

Marketing is both a science and an art.  The “science” of marketing is comprised of statistical information used to determine the quantity and profile of populations likely to use our services.  The science of marketing is also comprised of the psychology of human beings, and what motivates them to take action. The best way to build a safe, strong, successful and sustainable presence in the marketplace is to consider the science and art of marketing, together with the value of the services you provide.