Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Education

Professionals Name: ALYSSA AUBREY
Location: Tomales, CA
Business: Medicine Horse Ranch
Area of Specialty :

Corporate leadership and team buildingHorseDream® USA license holder; horse-assisted team building and leadership development; Train the Trainer/ HorseDream® License Partner Programs; Coaching and Internship Program,  Field Study/Internship Hours for those seeking credentialing with the CBEIP; In Hand clinics ( horsemanship) with Mike Bridges.

Website Address: http://www.horsedream.us
Phone Number: (707) 878-2440
Professionals Name: BARBARA K. RECTOR, MA
Location: Tucson, AZ
Business: Adventures in Awareness, LLC
Area of Specialty :

Experiential Educator with the help of horses in a “train the trainers” process expanding awareness and developing consciousness; research on physiology of the horse and human bond; programs for elders; and individual student intensives for those actively engaged in field of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) and Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).

Phone Number: (520) 247-3383
Professionals Name: DEBBIE ANDERSON
Location: Plainfield, IN
Business: Strides to Success
Phone Number: (317) 838-7002
Professionals Name: ERIN L. TEIGEN
Location: Annapolis, MD
Business: Elevation Equitation
Area of Specialty :

Inclusive Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship (Youth and Adult); At-Risk Youth; Family-Centered Approach

Phone Number: (804) 586-4278
Professionals Name: GABY FABIAN
Location: Marin County, CA
Business: Equine Guided Recovery
Area of Specialty :

Addiction/Recovery; Corporate Team Building; Leadership Training; The Equine Guide to The Four Agreements; Women’s Circle Groups

Phone Number: (415) 261-8923
Professionals Name: JANICE L. DRESCHER
Location: Sonoma County, CA
Business: Intentional Leaders
Area of Specialty :

Horse Assisted Leadership; retreats for business owners or corporate executives and their work teams; management training with horses; executive coaching with horses; business coaching with horses; life coaching with horses

Phone Number: (707) 887-0835
Professionals Name: KAREN KAHN
Location: Lafayette, CA
Business: Crescent Moon Center
Area of Specialty :

Education and multi-cultural programs including Equine Assisted Learning; Photography; Art & Creative Writing to persons recovering from substance abuse; employment evaluations and counseling, and development of computer, research and software skills

Phone Number: (510) 381-0619
Professionals Name: KELLEY M. CHAPLIN
Location: Atlanta, GA
Business: Equine Assisted Coaching OC
Area of Specialty :

Youth, children, parents, families, women, veterans; addiction; healing; grief; relationships and trauma; Corporations-team building; leadership development; business growth. We also provided an EAC Certification if people are interested in becoming Equine Coaches.

Phone Number: (949) 874-1236
Professionals Name: KITTY STALSBURG
Location: Old Lyme, CT
Business: High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Inc.
Area of Specialty :

Equine Assisted Activities Training – Education

Phone Number: (860) 434-1974
Professionals Name: LIBBY SMITH, Ed.D., Ph.D.
Location: Chino Valley, AZ
Business: Wind Horse Wellness LLC
Area of Specialty :

Provide an opportunity for clients struggling with addiction to explore and discover their authentic selves through working with horses

Phone Number: (928) 310-8403