Certified Equine Interaction Professional-Mental Health

Professionals Name: CATHRIN WILBANKS, LPC
Location: Covington, GA
Business: Horse Time, Inc.
Area of Specialty :

Children & Families, Foster & Adoption, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Depressive & Anxiety Disorders, Trauma-related Disorders, Therapeutic Riding to explore holistic health & wellness

Phone Number: (678) 770-4200
Professionals Name: CHRIS KORBEN, MSW, LICSW
Location: Rochester, MA
Business: Heart’s Desire Stable
Area of Specialty :

Addiction, Anxiety, Depression

Phone Number: 508 763 5254
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Business: Healing With Horses, LLC
Area of Specialty :

Trauma Recovery

Phone Number: (505) 660-7938
Professionals Name: DEDE BEASLEY, M.Ed., L.P.C.
Location: Nashville/Ashland City, TN
Business: Dede Beasley Counseling
Area of Specialty :

Area of Speciality: Codependency; trauma; loss; addiction; dual diagnosis; program development and training

Phone Number: (615) 308-5546
Professionals Name: DEIRDRE DALE STANTON
Location: Bloomington, IN
Phone Number: (812) 320-2793
Location: Montgomery, TX
Business: Trinity Psychotherapy
Area of Specialty :

The military and their families; children and adolescents; relationships

Phone Number: (936) 449-0887
Professionals Name: GISELLE FAUBEL
Location: Southwest Ranches, FL
Phone Number: (954) 661-8586
Professionals Name: GLORIA C. GRIFFIN, LPC
Location: Canton, GA
Business: Forward Strides Counseling LLC
Area of Specialty :

Psychotherapy; anxiety, depression; ADHD, Executive Function, social skills

Phone Number: (404) 790-9022
Professionals Name: JANE F. HAMILTON, PhD, FAPA
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Phone Number: 520-760-4468
Area of Specialty :

Judith is the founder of Heart to Heart Equine Assisted Therapy a service providing psychological therapies in the presence of horses located in rural Victoria, Australia.  Judith is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AASW), Clinical Family Therapist (AAFT), Bereavement Therapist and Equine Interaction Practitioner- Mental Health. Judith has extensive counselling experience working with individuals, children, young people, and families and she provides professional clinical/external supervision to allied health and mental health practitioners. 


Judith provides evidence-based treatments to deal with emotional and psychological difficulties drawing on a range of treatment modalities such as, animal assisted therapy, somatic experiencing, behavioural and cognitive interventions, relaxation, grounding and mindfulness strategies, social engagement, family relationship therapies and bereavement interventions. Including horses in her practice has greatly enhanced the outcomes of service users. Judith is extremely passionate about advocating the unconditional support and spiritual healing that horses offer humans.