Certified Equine Interaction Professionals in Equine Interaction Facilitation (CEIP-EIF):


  • have a High School diploma

  • have three (3) years of professional service or full time equivalent experience in the field of equine interaction which may include certificate programs in professional development, qualified equine certificate programs, leadership studies, outdoor experiential education, faith based education, expressive arts education, OR certification from a recognized coaching program

  • have at least 1000 hours of documented delivery of education services incorporating horses

  • have at least 100 hours total of documented education and training in the following categories:

    • Direct facilitation training in equine interaction work (40 hours minimum)

    • Attendance at equine interaction conference, workshop, or method training (40 hours minimum)

    • Formal training in equine behavior/horsemanship (20 hours minimum)


  • have received a passing score on the CBEIP exam

Starting the CEIP-EIF application process:


Step 1: Read the CEIP certification handbook

CEIP Handbook PDF

Step 2: Gather necessary materials for your application


  • CEIP Application form

  • Signed CBEIP Code of Ethics

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Copy of High School Diploma

  • Documentation of delivery of educational/coaching services incorporating horses

  • Documentation of 100 clock hours of EFL related education

  • Certification fee: $325


Step 3: Submit your certification documents by mail to: 


Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals

Dr. Libby Smith

6499 Lumberjack Blvd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Candidates who meet the application criteria and pass the exam will be granted status as a Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Equine Interaction Facilitation (EIF). They are eligible to use the registered designation “CEIP-EIF after their names and will receive proof of certification from the CBEIP. A registry of all CEIPs will be maintained by the CBEIP, and certificants may be referenced in its publications.

Certification as a CEIP is in effect for a period of three (3) years, at which time the candidate shall either meet the current continuing education requirements, or retake and pass the current examination.







Recertification Requirements for CEIP-EIF:

(Recertification required every 3 years)

  • High School Diploma

  • Education/training:

Direct facilitation in equine interaction work: 10 hours minimum

Equine interaction conference, workshop or method training: 20 hours minimum

Equine behavior/horsemanship: 10 hours minimum

TOTAL: 40 hours minimum

OR: Re-take the exam

CBEIP Application form for Education and Mental Health

Recertification Application