Why Choose a CEIP for Services?


Are you an employer planning to hire a provider of equine interaction services? Are you a professional wishing to refer clients for equine interaction services? Are you a person looking for mental health or learning/coaching services that incorporate horses?


First, determine whether a mental health professional or an education/learning professional or a coaching/leadership professional who is trained in equine interaction services will best need serve your need.

The professional specialization attached to the CEIP credential (MH, ED or EAF) helps insure that the equine interaction professional you hire will be transparent regarding their training and scope of practice.


  • A CEIP is the best choice for quality of service and professionalism whether you are looking for mental health services, education/learning services, or coaching/leadership services.

  • CEIPs show dedication to providing quality client services by having obtained education, training and supervision in equine interaction services.

  • CEIPs adhere to a code of ethics and strive to be a part of a professional community interested in high standards and transparency in the equine interaction field.

  • CEIPs must complete regular continuing education in order to maintain their certification. This ensures that a CEIP engages in professional development and seeks to provide high-quality client services.

Directory of Certified Service Providers

Current CEIP practitioners are permitted to be listed on our website. They are located throughout the US and Canada. Please click here for a list of Certified Providers to find a professional near you.