Certified Equine Interaction Professionals in Mental Health (CEIP-MH):


  • are licensed or have applicable certification to practice psychotherapy (counseling, social work, substance abuse counseling, pastoral counseling, psychology, etc.) in the state where they provide services

  • have three (3) years of professional service or full time equivalent experience in the field of mental health services.

  • have at least 1000 hours of documented delivery of mental health services incorporating horses

  • have at least 100 hours of documented education and training in the following categories:

    • Direct facilitation training in equine interaction work (40 hours minimum)

    • Attendance at equine interaction conference, workshop, or method training (40 hours minimum)

    • Formal training in equine behavior/horsemanship (20 hours minimum)

  • have received a passing score on the CBEIP exam

Starting the CEIP-MH application process:


Step 1: Read the CEIP certification handbook


CEIP Handbook PDF

Step 2: Gather necessary materials for your application


  • CEIP Application form

  • Signed CBEIP Code of Ethics

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae

  • Copy of current license or appropriate mental health certification to practice

  • Documentation of delivery of mental health services incorporating horses

  • Documentation of 100 clock hours of EMH/L related education

  • Certification fee: $325


Step 3: Submit your certification documents by mail to: 


Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals

Dr. Libby Smith

6499 Lumberjack Blvd.

Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Candidates who meet the application criteria and pass the exam will be granted status as a  Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Mental Health (MH). They are eligible to use the registered designation “CEIP-MH” after their names and will receive proof of certification from the CBEIP. A registry of all CEIPs will be maintained by the CBEIP, and certificants may be referenced in its publications.

Certification as a CEIP is in effect for a period of three (3) years, at which time the candidate shall either meet the current continuing education requirements, or retake and pass the current examination.

































Recertification Requirements for CEIP-MH:

(Recertification required every 3 years)

  • License or applicable certification

  • Education/training:

Direct facilitation in equine interaction work: 10 hours minimum

Equine interaction conference, workshop or method training: 20 hours minimum

Equine behavior/horsemanship: 10 hours minimum

TOTAL: 40 hours minimum


OR: Re-take the exam

CBEIP Application form for Education and Mental Health

Recertification Application