Certification Information

The Certified Equine Interaction Professional (CEIP) credential indicates verification of extensive professional experience and independent assessment of knowledge for incorporating equine interactions within professional services. The credential does not represent a single method or approach, but instead helps others recognize professional knowledge and experience. While the CBEIP cannot warrant the performance of any individual certificant, board certification in equine interactions provides recognition of significant experience and knowledge.

There are two certifications offered by the CBEIP, one for mental health professionals who hold a license at either a master or doctoral level of practice (CEIP-MH), and one for education, coaching, or other learning professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree (CEIP-ED). A pathway option requiring additional experience is available for CEIP-ED candidates who do not hold a bachelor’s degree. Certification in either category require a minimum of three years of experience in the associated profession, documented hours of delivering services that include equine interactions, and 120 hours of education and training in addition to examination.

Examination is delivered in different ways depending on the credential. CEIP-MH candidates take a computer-based 150 item multiple-choice test. The questions are designed by equine interaction professionals practicing in North America and the test content undergoes a regular review process. Questions are reviewed for construction, accuracy, and appropriateness by the members of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals, and the passing score for the examinations are determined using recognized psychometric methods. The test is weighted in the following manner: assessment, evaluation, and planning (25%), treatment delivery including equine interactions (60%), and administration and risk management (15%).

Examination for CEIP-ED candidates is provided in two parts: through an open book test and through a portfolio review. Prior to completing either professional must meet eligibility requirements and provide formal documentation of prior experience, education, and training. Each credential is valid for three years at a time.

Certification Board of Equine Interaction