The Certification Exam For Equine Interaction Professionals


The CBEIP certification process requires that a candidate for certification pass a 150-item multiple-choice exam (either Mental Health (MH), Education (ED), or Equine Interaction Facilitation (EIF) version), administered by the Professional Testing Corporation, an organization that provides psychometric testing services for various professions and organizations: The exam is comprehensive and incorporates a variety of perspectives in equine interaction services. It is not based on any one particular model or method, but evaluates knowledge related to delivering safe and effective equine interaction services. The exam is one of several ways professionals are evaluated for CEIP certification. Prior to sitting for the exam professionals must meet eligibility requirements for certification and provide formal documentation of prior experience, education, and training. The test is computer-based, with a testing time of three (3) hours.

Test Development and Scoring

The questions for the exams are designed by equine interaction professionals practicing in North America through a regular review process. Questions are reviewed for construction, accuracy, and appropriateness by the members of the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals, and the passing score for the examinations are determined using recognized psychometric methods. The CBEIP, with the technical advice and assistance of the Professional Testing Corporation, prepares the content for each version of the exam

Scoring Procedure

The Certification Exam is weighted in approximately the following manner:

  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Planning ……………..25%

  • Facilitator Skills ………………………………………...60%

  • Administration and Risk Management ………………15%


During the regular examination revision, representatives from the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals and the Professional Testing Corporation meet to review all test items for accuracy. At this meeting, the passing score for the examinations are set using recognized psychometric methods. The passing score represents the number of correctly answered test questions that have been determined to be necessary for the candidate to be considered as having minimal basic knowledge of the equine interaction profession.

In order to protect the security and integrity of the certification examinations, neither the Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals nor the Professional Testing Corporation will release examination items, candidate responses, or keys, to any candidate or agency.

Examination Sites

The examination is taken at designated, computer-based testing facilities managed by PSI. PSI manages several hundred testing sites in the United States as well as in Canada and worldwide. When candidate eligibility has been determined through verification of professional qualifications and experience, an Eligibility Notice is sent to the candidate. The candidate then schedules to take the exam at a testing center convenient to them. To find a testing center, please visit: or call PSI at (800) 211-2754. Please note that hours and days of availability vary at different centers.


  • Step One: Email  You will be assigned a mentor through this process Who will be there to help you with questions, concerns, and instructions on making the application process effortless and easy!

  • Step Two: Get your Resume in order.  Send her a copy of your resume to your mentor.  If you are applying for CEIP-Education you need only show a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.  If applying for CEIP-Mental Health, a Master’s degree is necessary, as is a copy of your current licensure. If you are applying for CEIP-EIF you need to submit a High School diploma.

  • Step Three: Once your education and licensure (license required for CEIP-Mental Health) are approved, the next step will be to log in your experiential hours working with horses.  This process will be explained to you by Dr. Libby and she will be there to help you understand the what, where, when, and how of your experience and how to log hours effectively.

  • Step Four: When you are able to show 1,000 documented hours within the Equine field, you will be ready to complete the application.  Simply go to the on-line application on our website and complete it either electronically or by hand.  Either way is fine. The MH, ED and EAF applications use the same application form. The ED and EIF will be given the same test; the MH test is different and contains questions specific to mental health.

  • Step Five: Send one copy of your completed application to your mentor

  • Step Six: Send a check made out to CBEIP  for $325.00 (be sure to make it payable to CBEIP!)

  • Step Seven: Wait to hear from PTC regarding your exam date.  They offer proctored testing in the fall. 

  • Step Eight: Pass the exam and become part of the CEIP family!